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 oNHexHelpersContains various helper functions for parsing and generating hex-encoded strings
 oCBasicGDBStubImplements basic GDB stub functionality (recognizing packet types, reporting features, formatting common replies)
 oCIBreakInTargetReceives asynchronous break-in requests from a BreakInSocket
 oCBreakInSocketEncapsulates a socket with asynchronous break-in support
 |\CSocketWrapperAn instance of this class should be obtained and held for the entire time when a packet is received. After it is destroyed, the break-in detector thread becomes active again
 oCRegisterEntryDescribes a single register of the target platform
 oCPlatformRegisterListContains a fixed list of registers defined at compile time
 oCRegisterValueContains the value of a single register. Register values are normally passed via RegisterSetContainer objects
 oCRegisterSetContainerStores values of some or all target registers
 oCGDBServerImplements a TCP/IP server handling the gdbserver protocol
 oCGDBStubImplements supported gdbserver packets by invoking methods of a provided IGDBTarget object
 oCStubResponseContains the response sent to GDB by the target. The response it not escaped or RLE-encoded and does not include packet header and checksum
 oCStandardResponsesContains common responses sent by gdbserver to GDB
 oCIGDBStubDefines a GDB stub capable of handling raw gdbserver requests. Use the GDBStub class to instantiate
 oCIGDBStubFactoryDefines a class that creates instances of IGDBStub when incoming connections from GDB are received
 oCDynamicLibraryRecordDescribes a shared library loaded in to the process address space
 oCThreadRecordDescribes a single thread of the debugged program
 oCEmbeddedMemoryRegionSpecifies a single memory region inside an embedded device. Used to detect the FLASH memory that requires erasing
 oCIFLASHProgrammerImplements methods required to program the FLASH memory
 oCIStoppedGDBTargetDefines methods called when the target is stopped
 oCTargetStopRecordDefines the last debug event (i.e. the reason why the target was stopped)
 oCISyncGDBTargetDefines a GDB target
 \CMinimalTargetBaseProvides default "not supported" implementations for optional methods of IStoppedGDBTarget