Windows Kernel Debugger booster for VMWare and VirtualBox



VirtualKD allows speeding up Windows kernel module debugging using VMWare and VirtualBox virtual machine. A basic description of the project and using guidelines are located at the project web page:, while this pages contain information about source code structure and building/debugging hints.

Source structure

The directory with source code contains the following subdirectories:
BUNDLEContains a batch for building full set of binary files
DATABASEContains patching signatures for different versions of VMWare
KDCLIENTSources for the DLL that is loaded to VMWARE-VMX.EXE and implements host-side support
KDPATCHSources for a legacy driver that patches KDCOM.DLL redirecting requests to KDVM.DLL
KDVMSources for the KD extension DLL that sends all debug packets over a fast interface
PIPEPROXYSources for a Named Pipe Proxy useful in debugging
RPCDISPATCHSource files for host part of debug support. Used by KDCLIENT and PIPEPROXY modules
VMMONSources for the Virtual Machine Monitor program
VMXPATCHSources for a simple console program for patching VMWare
You can read the information about the role of each component in the big picture in this article or explore documentation pages for each class.