Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_KD_BUFFERRepresents a buffer used by KdSendPacket()/KdReceivePacket()
_KD_CONTEXTRepresents the global state of the KD packet layer
_KD_PACKET_HEADERRepresents a KDCOM packet header in the way it is sent via COM port
BufferedRPCChannel< t_pBuffer, t_BufferSize >Provides a more convenient way of using GuestRPC
BufferedVBoxChannel< t_pBuffer, t_BufferSize >Provides a fast way of using VBOX exchange interface
ChannelHelper< DefaultRPCChannel >
CMainDlgMain VMMON.EXE dialog
CTraceParamsDlgTraceAssist settings dialog
FunctionPatchSimplifies inserting JMP commands in the beginning of functions
FunctionPatch::FunctionPatch::MemoryLockerAllows retreiving read/write access to read-only kernel memory
IKdComDispatcherContains declarations for KdSendPacket()/KdReceivePacket() versions called on host side
InterlockedIncrementerProvides convenient way to mark whether a code block is executing by using an global volatile counter
KdClientStatusContains status and statistics info reported by KDCLIENT.DLL for VMMON.EXE
KdComDispatcherContains implementations for KdComDispatcher::KdSendPacket() and KdComDispatcher::KdReceivePacket() functions that are executed on host side
KDPatchDeviceDevice object for the KDPATCH driver
KDPatchDriverDriver object for KDPATCH driver
KdRpcDispatcherContains code unmarshalling parameters for KdSendPacket()/KdReceivePacket()
PacketLoggerManages HTML log files for sent and receiving packets
PatchedProcessRepresents the state of a patched VMWARE-VMX.EXE process
PatchInfoDatabaseStores information about GuestRPC mechanism handler table location for different versions of VMWARE-VMX.EXE
PermissiveSecurityDescriptorRepresents a securty descriptor granting all access to everyone
PipeServer< _MessageOriented, _AutoReconnect, _FailTransferOnListening >Implements a simple Named Pipe Server with automatic reconnection support
RemoteDllLoaderAllows injecting DLLs into remote processes
RpcProxyProcesses KDRPC protocol version A KDRPC data packets received from KDCLIENT.DLL
RPCTableManagerPerforms patching of GuestRPC mechanism handler table
RPCTableManager::RPCTableManager::AddressRangeRepresents an arbitrary address range
RPCTableManager::RPCTableManager::RefGroupDescriptorContains information about a set of pointers to strings that can potentially be a GuestRPC mechanism handler table
RPCTableManager::RPCTableManager::RPCHandlerRecordRepresents a GuestRPC mechanism handler entry used by VMWARE-VMX.EXE
RPCTableManager::RPCTableManager::RPCTableInfoContains information about a GuestRPC mechanism handler table
RPCTableManager::RPCTableManager::StringPointerRepresents a pointer to an ASCIIZ string with a cached size
RPCTableManager::RPCTableManager::StringReferenceDescriptorRepresents a pointer to a string pointer. Used to locate GuestRPC mechanism handler table with pointers to command names
SendableKdBufferContains the KD_BUFFER fields except for buffer pointer. Used for marshalling
StatusReporterReports various statistics to VMMON.EXE application using a shared file mapping
TraceAssistantAllows saving DbgPrint() messages directly to files on host machine bypassing WinDBG
VMWareRPCChannelSpecifies a simple object-oriented wrapper for GuestRPC commands
VMWareRpcDataContains state variables for a GuestRPC mechanism channel