Turn your development board into a logic analyzer!

Easy One Click Setup

Analyzer2Go can turn your development board into a logic analyzer in just a moment. Connect your board, select it from the list and you are ready to go. Analyzer2Go will take care of the firmware, USB drivers and the software.

All you need to do is click on a signal and immediately see the live capture.


Up to 200MHz Continuous Sampling

Analyzer2Go supports the Cypress SuperSpeed Explorer Kit, letting you capture a continuous stream of 8 parallel channels at 200 MHz or 16 parallel channels at 100 MHz over USB 3.0. The data is compressed on your computer using a highly optimized multi-core algorithm and can utilize your entire RAM (exceeding the 4GB limit) as a buffer if the data is coming too fast.

Fast and Precise

For STM32 boards Analyzer2Go uses advanced DMA-based sampling that allows precisely capturing very fast signals. All supported boards have passed rigorous self-testing that guarantees precise sampling with accurate timings.

Slower signals are automatically compressed, maximizing the use of the on-board RAM.

Even slower signals can be captured continuously, letting you save gigabytes of logs for further analysis and comparison.


Focus on Your Measurements

Analyzer2Go is packed with usability features that make it easy to analyze the captured data:

  • Measure signal periods and timings easily
  • Quickly navigate to next/previous events via the quick jump buttons
  • Look through the previously captured frames to catch rare events
  • Align signals to clocks or fixed periods to make sense of serial buses
  • Powerful note mechanism to save comments in captured files for later comparison

Protocol Analyzers Included

Analyzer2Go comes with intuitive protocol analyzers for Parallel, UART, SPI, I2C and I2S buses. Simply drag-and-drop them in the protocol analyzer pane and immediately make sense of complex buses.

Powerful full-text search lets you instantly find a relevant part in the decoded output and quickly go to that point in time.


Never Miss an Event with Continuous Mode

The powerful continuous capture mode lets you record events continuously without gaps or interruptions. While being slower than the frame-after-frame mode, the Continuous mode lets you capture hours and gigabytes of data in a scalable and heavily optimized format that makes it easy to review and analyze the data later. Capture your entire system startup and then use the note mechanism to locate and measure timings between key events.

Powerful Note Mechanism

Analyzer2Go lets you easily annotate your findings using the notes bar:

  • Attach meaningful descriptions to different events
  • Use different colors to distinguish event types
  • Quickly navigate through the events using the note bar
  • Save annotated data to data files for later review