VirtualKD - Manual VirtualBox configuration

Follow the steps below to manually configure a VirtualBox VM to run VirtualKD:

  1. Install VirtualKD 3.0 or later and VirtualBox 5.0 or later.

  2. Locate the kdclient.dll (for 32-bit VirtualBox) or kdclient64.dll (for 64-bit VirtualBox) and set the owner to System:

  3. Close ALL VirtualBox processes.

  4. Open command-line prompt, go to the VirtualBox directory and run the following command:

    vboxmanage setextradata <VM NAME>
    <directory with kdclient DLL>
  5. If VirtualKD does not load, verify that the .vbox file contains the "VBoxInternal/Devices/VirtualKD/0/Config/Path " item. If not, run vboxmanage again.

We would like to thank Klaus Espenlaub for integrating the VirtualKD stub into VirtualBox source tree.