Initial version
Fixed handler loss after Virtual Machine reset
Fixed bug with VMWare hanging when no debugger is connected
Added patcher/packet level log displaying in VMMON
Added support for KDCLIENT.DLL unloading from VMMON
Added advanced statistics reporting to VMMON
Added permissive SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES to statistics-related objects to support non-admin VMWare instances
Added debugger command line customization
Added proxy mode support for debug VMMON builds
Added TraceAssist feature
Implemented buffered VMWare GuestRPC resulting in ~1.7x communication speedup
v1.2(Only host-side part changed)
 Fixed rare bug, when disconnecting debugger in the middle of a KdSendPacket() call caused hanging
 Reduced CPU usage from 100% to 0% when a VM is active and no debugger is connected
 Added workaround for truncated Driver Verifier messages
 Added on-demand packet logging feature for easy packet-level KD protocol analyzis
 Added API for detecting & patching VMs to KDCLIENT.DLL to support VisualDDK integration
 Pipe name is now generated based on VMWARE-VMX.EXE command line, instead of current directory (fix for rare "kd_" pipes)
 Added support for sending generated 'Target OS Shutdown' packet when VM is stopping to force debugger to disconnect
 Added ",reconnect" option to WinDbg command line, instructing it to reconnect a pipe, when it is closed
 (Due to 2 previous features, debugger does not need to be restarted when a VM is restored from a snapshot, while OS is running)
v2.0(KDVMWare was renamed to VirtualKD)
 Added support for VirtualBox
 Fixed bug with incorrect x64 VMWare patching
v2.1Added support for Windows 7 host and guest machines
 Added test signature to KDVM.DLL allowing it to run on Vista x64 in TESTSIGNING mode
 Added automatic guest machine installer
v2.2Improved integration with VisualDDK
 Added support for VMWARE-VMX-DEBUG.EXE etc.
v2.3Fixed memory leak in VMMON
 Added support for patching VMs from non-administrator accounts via IPC with VMMON
 Fixed bug when only first running VM was reported
 Added support for VirtualBox 3.1.x
v2.4Fixed compatibility with UAC (.vmpatch files are now saved to Application Data)
v2.5Added "instant break" feature, reducing debugger break-in time to zero when using VisualDDK
 Added support for restoring VM (VirtualBox/VMWare) to last snapshot from VMMON/VisualDDK
v2.5.1Added support for VirtualBox 3.2.x
v2.5.2Added support for VirtualBox 4.x
v2.6Renamed KDVM.DLL to KDBAZIS.DLL to avoid name colision on Windows 8.
 Added a tool for automatic integration with VirtualBox.
v2.7Added full support for Windows 8.